The President: Doret van Muilekom

El Presidente, croquet

Hi everyone! 
Although my boardies call me El Presidente, my name is just Doret! I’m 21 years old and almost finishing my Bsc in Nutrition and Health (trying to write my thesis now). Luckily I will not leave Wageningen soon, because I am planning to do my MSc here too. I grew up in Amersfoort, which is a city in the middle of the Netherlands, and have two brothers. In the city centre of Wageningen I’m living with six other amazing roommates. In my spare time I like to go for a run, spend time with my year club and my sorority at K.S.V. Franciscus, be with my family and friends or just watch Netflix, haha! During my year as president of IxESN Wageningen, I would like to meet a lot of inspiring students, organize fun activities and discover new cities in the Netherlands and abroad with all of you!

Local representative

Vice-President/Secretary: José Homan

(in Spanish accent) Jose

Hey guys!
My name is  José, 22 years old and I'm from a little village in the north of the Netherlands, Den Oever, close to the island Texel. I just started my Master Nutrition and Health. I live in Chateau Chouchou, a beautiful castle in Wageningen, with a few of my yearclub and sorority members from SSR-W. Besides having fun with my friends, I also enjoy hitch hiking throughout Europe, going to parties, and occasionally going for a run. After I finished high school, I studied in Los Angeles and Phoenix for a year. Next to this, I did my Erasmus in Valencia, Spain last year. After these experiences, I decided to become more active within ESN, as I really enjoy hanging out with people from all over the world. Due to my experiences abroad, I think that I can easily make people feel welcome in a new city.
If you ever need a stroopwafel, you know where our office is located! I hope to see you soon during one of our perfectly organized activities or excursions!

Local representative

Treasurer: Simone Rijlaarsdam

"Just Simone"

I’m Simone, I’m 21 years old, I manage the money at IxESN. I even take this task so seriously that I took the cash box home early with me on one of our activities and the other boardies had to wake me up to take back the cash box! :S I just started with my Master Food Technology, with the specialization Dairy science and technology. I'm interested in it because I like food and I was raised on a dairy farm in the middle of the green heart of the Netherlands. The village is called Bodegraven, near the cheese city Gouda. I regularly help my father with milking the cows (the other boardies were laughing at me, because I had written down ‘milking’ in my planning ;) ). Furthermore I work at the Albert Heijn in Wageningen, so come to say hello if you’re gonna buy a bread there! In my spare time I like to do sports like powerdumbell and spinning, chilling with my friends and be with my family. I chose to apply for the board of IxESN because I had an amazing time during my Erasmus in Budapest. Furthermore I really like to meet international people because they are spontaneous and  I like to hear interesting things about other countries and cultures. Hope to see you all at the excursions and activities!

Responsible committees: sports committee

Activity Coordinator: Michelle Wong

The Asian

I am Michelle, Activity Coordinator of IxESN 2016-2017. I was born in Malaysia but raised in another tropical kingdom Brunei Darussalam. During my Bachelor’s, I lived in Cardiff for 3 years and Birmingham for 1 year. Currently, I am starting my second year Master’s in Food Technology at Wageningen University. Last year, I was an active member of IxESN’s Activity Committee where I had such a great time that it inspired me to join the board. I am also currently an active member in the Wageningen Student Orchestra (WSKOV) where I play the violin. My favourite colour is purple (which is why I love IxESN too!). During my free time, I enjoy hiking and lying in my hammock. I hope that this year as Activity Coordinator, I will be able to organize activities and excursions that make your time here in Wageningen a memorable one!

Responsible committees: activity committee and excursion comittee

PR Coordinator: Anouk Burgers

Pablo Escobar, the alcoholic

Hey eveyone!
I am Anouk, PR Coordinator of IxESN (aka responsible for all the pictures that appear on Facebook ;) ). I grew up in Hilversum, which is between Utrecht and Amsterdam, where I lived for 18 years. After my graduation I was a ski teacher in Austria for an entire season, studied in Amsterdam and did volunteer work in South Africa, before I started studying in Wageningen. At this moment I am doing MSc International Development Studies, but during my BSc I did exchange in Brno, Czech Republic. It was here that I came into contact with ESN and how amazing it can be! I love meeting new people and hear their stories, which is why I applied to be in the board of IxESN 2016-2017. During the first year of my masters I already did my internship for an international organization, where I was also in the Communication and Marketing team. Hopefully this prepared me to make this a great and succesfull PR year for IxESN! 

Responsible committees: graphic committee and photo committee

Buddy Coordinator: Janneke Scheeres

Big hair, don't care

Hello everyone! 
My name is Janneke and I am the Buddy Coordinator. A lot of our members may have seen my name in their mailboxes, because I have been stalking them the whole summer about the Buddy Program! I am a Biology student through heart and soul, because it absolutely fascinates me. Any insect, flower or other living things can easily trigger my interest.  
I really like being the Buddy Coordinator, because it involves contacting a lot of different people and trying to spark their enthusiasm. This isn't very hard for me due to my chatty personality. In my spare time I hang out with my friends at KSV Franciscus, play music instruments or try to fit in some kind of sport when I have the time. 
I was born in South Africa, but moved to the Netherlands when I was 8. Since then I have liked comparing different cultures with each other and meeting people from all over the world. This year I hope to provide you all with a great Buddy experience and also to build up good friendships myself.

Responsible committees: Bornsesteeg committee

Project Coordinator: Onna Nieuwenhuis

The hippie of IxESN

Dear all,
My name is Onna Nieuwenhuis, I’m your project manager this year. My function is the newest of the board and might require a bit of an explanation. I’m responsible for big projects such as the winter AID and One World week, but maybe even more important, I’ll try to get you all the best deals with your IxESN Card in Wageningen.  If you eat at an awesome restaurant or know the cutest location for coffee, let me know and I’ll see what I can do to get us a discount. I study management- and consumer studies, love books and adore food and all things concerning food. This is why I’ll try to put together a recipe book from all the Kitchens we’ll have this year. I’m from a small town, quite close by and have no brothers and sisters. My favorite animal is a goat and I think that with that most hings that are interesting about me are said.
I look forward to meeting you all in person.

Responsible committees: exchangability & social erasmus