The Winter AID Committee is recruiting!
Are you an open and enthusiastic person who likes organising and do you want to be part of one of the most important yearly events for IxESN Wageningen? Join the Winter AID Committee and make sure all incoming students experience their best time in Wageningen!

What is expected from the Winter AID Committee
The Winter AID is in the second week of the re-exam weeks (11-16 February) and there will be a lot of activities for all students coming in. IxESN is also a big part of this organisation, as we organise a pub quiz, city tour, Dutch kitchen, an activity during the crazy 66 and the amazing pub crawl and closing party. For the organisation of these events, we can really use your help! With the Winter AID Committee we’ll have weekly meetings in period 3. During these meetings we will divide tasks, make people responsible for the organisation of certain activities, decide upon the attendance at activities etc. Don’t worry about being responsible for the organisation of certain events, as we will work on them together. We expect you to be present during the week of the Winter AID and available to help us during some of our activities. The first meeting with the committee will be in the 2nd week of period 3. In the committee we also need someone responsible for promotion. As promoter of this committee, you will be in charge of the Facebook events and designing the banners and together with the PR coordinator you have to make a promotion overview for that week.

What’s in it for you?
In this committee you’ll learn more about teamwork and organising, yet it will also be a lot of fun participating in a lot of events in the Winter AID. By helping us organise and attending these activities, you can already meet a lot of new students and attending (and helping with) these activities is of course already a lot of fun! It will be a nice addition to your experience in Wageningen, and this way you can also contribute to our organisation.

If you are interested in the committee or if you want more information/ have questions, send an email to

Below you can see some pictures of committee members helping out at activities during the last Summer AID in August.