Would you like to have a Buddy Family when you arrive in Wageningen? You will then be placed in a group of 10-15 other internationals and 2-3 Buddy Mentors. It is a nice way to quickly make friends and do nice activities together.

If you are an Erasmus or exchange student, you are automatically registered for the program. Not sure and you have questions? You can email integration@ixesn-wageningen.nl.

If you are here for your Internship or starting your Master you can also join!

How to become a Buddy Student:

If you will join the Summer AID:

  1. You can continue with your AID family as a Buddy Family if your AID Mentors will become Buddy Mentors. Ask your mentors about it! If they will continue, the Buddy Coordinator will register you automatically and will contact you!

  2. When your AID Mentors do not want to become Buddy Mentors, you can get new Buddy Mentors. You will receive an email from the Buddy Coordinator if this happens with the question if you want to take part in the program. If you have any questions about this, send her an email!

  3. If you do not want to continue with your group for some reason, you can get placed into a new Buddy Family. Send the Buddy Coordinator an email about this, and she will take care of it!

If you will not join the Summer AID:

  • You will be placed in a Buddy Family when you fill in the form on the bottom of the page!

The benefits of the Buddy Program:

  • You will meet many people and make friends fast

  • You will easily integrate in the Wageningen student life

  • Your Buddy Family will get support from IxESN through activities and actions especially for you!

  • You will be part of a network of other Buddy Families through Wageningen

If you want to become a buddy student you can fill in this form!