IxESN board recruitment

Are you interested in a board year? IxESN Wageningen is recruiting! A board year at IxESN Wageningen will not only improve your management skills, you will establish an international social network, you will work with people from different cultures and organize many different activities. Check out our Facebook page for the Interst Lunches!

Application deadline is 24th of March. For more information mail president@ixesn-wageningen.nl

What to expect from a board year at IxESN Wageningen?

A board year at IxESN Wageningen is very divers. You become part of a team of seven people. An entire academic year you will work together organizing various activities, e.g. excursions abroad and within the Netherlands, international kitchens, parties and sport activities.

Besides the activities in Wageningen you have various meetings with the other Dutch sections during National Platforms and National Activities. This year we went/ will go to Prague and Berlin.

On top of all this, there are various international meetings abroad where different international sections come together to brainstorm, exchange experiences and discuss the developments of the ESN network.  

How much time will it cost me?

IxESN Wageningen has a part time board, in other words you can follow one course in the bigger periods and one course in either period 3 or 4. You will spend some time at the office but also attend meetings with other associations, the university and partners of us.

Do you receive money for being in the board?

A board year is completely voluntary. However, you are financially compensated for the amount of hours/ courses you are not able to attend.


There are seven functions in the board. This is a brief overview of their tasks.


The President of IxESN Wageningen is responsible for all final results. He/She is the

representative of the organization and maintains external contact.


The Secretary of IxESN Wageningen has two roles: Vice-President and Secretary. The main role

of the Secretary is to keep overview of all the information going in and going out. He/She keeps an

overview of all internal and external contact flows of IxESN Wageningen. The Secretary makes

sure all information and other useful data are on the right place at the right time. He/She maintains contact with other student associations within Wageningen. Furthermore,

the Vice-President supports the President where necessary.


The Treasurer takes care of the financial control of the organization. He/she is responsible for

the budgets and for the financial year plan. By doing so he/she is responsible for both the

internal as well as the external spending pattern of IxESN Wageningen.

Activity Coordinator

The Activity Coordinator is mainly responsible for organizing and running the activities. In addition to that, the Activity Coordinator organises two excursions per period (one in the NL and one outside the NL). All this is done with the help of the committee members

PR Coordinator

The PR Coordinator is responsible for creating the promotion material necessary for both the

promotion of IxESN Wageningen in general as well as the promotion of specific activities. He/She is

also responsible for keeping the website in order and keeping track of the social media in use. He/she is also responsible for creating promotion plans for board recruitment, buddy program and the partnership manager.

Buddy Coordinator

The Buddy Coordinator is responsible for the entire Buddy program. He/She will organize all the

activities concerning the Buddy program and will be responsible for linking the Buddies with

International students. He/she will also have a lot of contact with a lot of different parties at the university concerning the buddy program. This name will be “Integration Coordinator” starting from next year onward.

Partnership Manager

The partnership manager is the connection between IxESN and third parties like local businesses and potential sponsors. He/She tries to create more sponsorship - or discount deals. The partnership manager is also responsible for a number of projects such as the winter and summer AID and the One World Week.