Laura & Christina

Although, the exams were getting closer, Buddy Family 8 had dinner together on October 22. Some of them cooked delicious dishes from their home country. Christina spent the whole day in the kitchen making typical Lebanese dishes: pumpkin bread with fried onions, lentils with cinnamon (a recipe from her grandmother) and last but not least: her award winning chocolate cake. As an Italian, Alberto had to make ragout, also known as pasta bolognaise. Laura made her grandmother’s Midnight soup, and André made the Thai dish he invented: vegetables with soy sauce and rice. Tati and Joci made another delicious, chocolate dessert: pancakes with Nutella and bananas. Who does not like this? Hannah and Lukas made sure that we were not thirsty during the dinner and brought some wine. After this great dinner, we were so full and did not want to move anymore. Luckily, André wanted to do the dishes (or did we force him?). When cleaning was done, we played some games like Mafia and Werewolves. Thank you everyone and IxESN for this awesome evening!


Beth & Nienke

After a prolonged period of pondering, the family feast had finally been fixed for a festive Friday.

The location of this gathering was decided to be the penthouse atop of the Stadsbrink apartements. This place has it all, from sweeping views over the Wageningen mountains, to marbled floors and luxuriously furnished ablutions.

The matriarch of this group had devised the perfect meal of boiled grass seeds mixed with fungi and a side of swine flesh, followed by a rather delightful dessert manufactured from the nourishing white gold derived from the mammary glands of brooding mothers.

To complete this scrumptious meal, a generous supply of a particularly damaging and vile poison was required to reduce inhibitions, defy social norms and all in all have a good time. No expense was spared, and the best of the cheapest wines available were purchased.

Of course, no feast is complete without an entrée, which was provided by the lovely Wensi. After an untold period of painstakingly laborious work, she had created an exotic delicacy from her homeland- dumplings.

The siblings were informed to gather at 7 sharp, so they turned up promptly anytime between 7 and 9. Sadly a number of these relations had decided that they had other, more important endeavors that needed to be undertaken and were unable to attend. There was however a new person present; as it turns out, the afore mentioned matriarch had decided that the absence of her wife was not acceptable, and so decided to bat for the her original team by bringing along her de facto.

And so a marvellous evening of revelry and general debauchery was had by all.  


Michiel & Marielle

We hebben een super leuke dag gehad afgelopen zaterdag met onze buddy-groep in Amersfoort!! We waren in totaal met 10 van de 18 aanwezig dus een gezellige groep bij elkaar. Om 16 uur aangekomen in Amersfoort en daar hebben we met z'n allen gevoetbald in de tuin van Michiel zijn ouders. Einde van de middag een vuurtje aangemaakt, relaxed de bbq aangestoken en tot laat rondom het vuur weerwolven gespeeld. Het was leuk een keertje met de groep buiten Wageningen te zijn!!


Denise & Wing

What better way to enjoy the last day of summer than with a barbecue on the riverbanks? That’s why we decided to do so with our buddy group!  A beautiful sunset, some meat (replacers), beers, wine and some good company from our “children” made it a perfect evening. We introduced them to one of the most beautiful places in Wageningen, de Uiterwaarden, where the nine of us relaxed on the grass and could go for a swim in the refreshing water. This is the beginning of a wonderful friendship <3


Thomas & Francesco

For our introductory meeting we decided to do an international dinner. To create an unforgettable dinner, we asked a few of our own group members to make typical dishes from their own countries. By doing so, we made sure that everyone could enjoy these dishes that we had never tried before, but had heard about so much. The delightful dishes that we made were among others, grass jelly from Indonesia and a traditional nacho dish from Mexico. All in all, we had a great time cooking together, but also to just hang out together. And to top it off we had delicious food and drinks to make the evening even better.