Join IxESN and ISOW at May 18th to enjoy a potluck dinner and watch the finals of the Eurovision Song Contest!
Some soft drinks and snacks will be provided, but bring your own booze 🍻!
There are chairs and pillows, but to make things extra comfy for yourself you can always bring an extra pillow. And don’t forget your country flag.
And for the competitive ones among you: we will host a ‘toto’. So list your three favorites at the entrance and the one that was closest to the actual result wins a price

When: 18/05/19
Time: 19:30h starts the Potluck and at 21:00h the Eurovision Song Contest will start
Where: Building with the Clock, Ballroom room

Hope to see you all there!

18/05/2019 - 18:30
Free, however bring your own food for the Potluck
  • Everyone is invited.