On May 16 our campus will get a spectacular new sculpture. A gigantic beetle flying out of the pond between Orion and Forum. The sculpture ‘Must Leave’ is an homage to thinkers that migrate. Between countries, between ways of seeing the world. An homage to the diversity of our campus community.
Let’s celebrate that! 
Bring all your friends and we can build an unprecedented party.

The dream: A festival filling the campus with a great diversity of food, music and dance.

The plan: Bring your favourite dish to share in the potluck and a musical instrument if you can.

Location: between Orion and Forum

17:15 Unveiling sculpture ‘Must Leave’ with music
By Louise Fresco and Marten Scheffer
18:00 ‘100 dishes Potluck for 100 years WUR’ by ISOW & IxESN
Bring your own dish and musical instrument
19:00 Van Uven Festival by WSKOV and de Ontzetting

For more information and registration: see www.wur.eu/must-leave

16/05/2018 - 18:00
  • Everyone is invited.