Join IxESN Wageningen at the Potluck Lunch on the 15th of September. 

Just a reminder of what a potluck lunch is. The idea of a potluck lunch is that everyone brings food and drinks and shares this with everyone. 
So, there will be no entrance price! However, you DO have to bring a typical dish of your own country. You will share your food/drinks and receive food/drinks back from other people. 

The university celebrates 100 years of WUR on this day by organizing a festival on the campus ( You have to sign up for the festival via the following link: So we can all go to the festival after the Potluck Lunch together! 

When: 15/09/18
Time: 14:00h
Where: Amphitheater (Stippeneng 4, near Zodiac)
Price: Free

See you there!

15/09/2018 - 14:00