World Cafe Potluck Dinner with IxESN Wageningen

Do you like eating with friends, and to discover new food & cultures? Join the Worldcafe Potluck Dinner!

During this World Cafe, we will organize a Potluck Dinner. The idea of a potluck dinner is that everyone brings food and drinks from their own culture and shares this with everyone. This way, everyone can enjoy new foods and cultures!
So, there will be no entrance price! However, you DO have to bring a typical dish of your own country. You will share your food and receive food back from other people. In this way, we will have a big buffet full of nice food that we can share together! Of course, we as IxESN board will provide some dishes as well.

For all of you who want to join the 100 years WUR party this evening as well: no worries, you can join the Party of the Century after the Potluck Dinner! 

Check out the Facebook event for latest updates.

Hope to see you all!

09/03/2018 - 19:00 to 21:30
International Club (Marijkeweg 31, 6709 PE Wageningen)
A dish of your own choice
  • Everyone is invited.