Join IxESN Wageningen, W.S.A.C. Ibex and the Bomenduwers for an amazing Survival Run in the Uiterwaarden!

On Wednesday the 24th of May you can prove your physical and mental strength during the first joint survival run of IxESN and W.S.A.C. ibex! We will start with a plenary warming-up. Afterwards, you will be taught some survivalrun techniques for rope climbing in small groups. And finally it's time to go for the parcour and the challenging final obstacle! Are you joining for this never-to-be-forgotten adventure? See you at the survival run!

Check this video to get an even better image of the survivalrun!

What to wear at the survival run? What to bring along?
>> Make sure your ankles and legs are covered --> long socks, (tight) running pants
>> Running shoes preferably with profile
>> Thermo shirt/ warm jacket (depending on the weather)
>> Water
>> Towel
>> Participation fee in cash
!Please note that things might get dirty!

We meet at the IxESN Wageningen office at 19:00 and you will have to pay there (with cash)! Price is €4 members and €4,5 non-members!


24/05/2017 - 19:00