Meet the board!

The President: Eva Meijer
Hi everyone!
My name is Eva, and I am 21 years old. This summer I finished my BSc thesis, which focused on how local people in Ecuador protect their livelihoods and resources (yes yes, a real Wageningen topic). However, as I still not quite figured out how to make the world a better place, I decided to start the subsequent MSc International Development Studies this year. I grew up in Hengelo, a city located in the East, seen as the countryside of the Netherlands. These roots are still visible in my personality, because I am a good example of the ‘’Dutch directness’’. I am always open, honest and I just like to say whatever is on my mind and heart! Besides this, I love to mother people around me (especially my lovely board members). Also, I enjoy telling crazy stories, playing the tour guide on excursions, dancing on R&B music, and making people laugh!  
My goals for this year as President of IxESN Wageningen are to meet as many internationals as possible, organize cool activities and excursions, and most important: to make sure you all are having loads of fun!

Vice-President/Secretary: Nina Zaadnoordijk
Hi there!
My name is Nina, I am a 22-year-old MSc Environmental Sciences student. Even though I might not look very Dutch, I have been living in The Netherlands almost my entire life. I grew up in the beautiful city Haarlem, which is located in the West of The Netherlands and is close to the beach.

Besides my board year, I am a busy bee. When I am not at the office or university, you can find me in the gym or at W.S.V. Ceres. In my spare time, I love hanging out with my friends. I live in one of the biggest student houses of Wageningen. I have 24 roommates! This sounds like an awful lot, but I can assure you it’s heaps of fun. In addition to the work I do for IxESN Wageningen, I have a part-time job at Het Depot which is an art gallery situated on the Wageningse Berg.

Despite the fact I did not go on exchange myself, I do know the value IxESN Wageningen has to many students. During my minor I became a member of IxESN Wageningen. I enjoyed the activities and saw and experienced how much this association contributes to people’s time here in Wageningen! I want to continue the positive value of IxESN Wageningen and hope see you all at our activities

Treasurer: Meilissa Tibosch
Hi there!
My name is Meilissa Tibosch, I am 21 years old and I will be your Treasurer this year. I just finished my Bachelor and will start with my Master Nutrition and Health.
I grew up in Gemert, a town in the South of the Netherlands. Being half Dutch and half Indonesian made me come in touch with a different culture at a young age and I still love to get to know new ones. This is the reason that I really wanted to do an Erasmus exchange, which I did at Lund University in Sweden. I loved my time in Sweden and wanted to keep in touch with other international students, hence I applied for the board. In my free time I love to hang out with friends, do some sports, go to a party or just watch Netflix. I have also danced since I was four years old so you will probably see me on the dance floor at some point.

I am looking forward to meeting all of you soon and hope that you will have an amazing time here in Wageningen!

Activity Coordinator: Rosa Swart
Hi Everyone!
My name is Rosa, I'm 21 years old and I'm studying health and society in Wageningen. This year I'm gonna finish my bachelor. Because of my own exchange last year in Evora (a small city in Portugal) just as big as lovely Wageningen, I decided to put my study on hold and join the board of IxESN Wageningen.
I grew up in the Hague next to the beach, but I also lived in Ghana and Portugal, so I'm also internationally orientated!

To tell more about myself: I'm a bit clumsy, I love the color green and I really like to make other people feel happy!! Next to being in the IxESN board, I love to play hockey, go for a run and to travel. 

As this year's activity coordinator, I want to organize the most fun activities! If you have good ideas you can always come to me. Furthermore, I hope it is gonna be an amazing year and hope to provide the most fun time for everyone coming to Wageningen!

PR-Coordinator: Bregje van Asperen
Hi everyone!
My name is Bregje van Asperen and I will be this year’s PR-Coordinator of IxESN Wageningen. I am 21 year old and was born in Amsterdam. I grew up in Bennebroek, a small village near the sea in the West of The Netherlands where you can find Europe’s largest playground! As a kid, I used to come there almost every week with my family or friends. I am a creative person, which is quite convenient as I will be responsible for all promotion material and pictures you’ll see around in Wageningen and on social media this year. In my spare time, I enjoy visiting museums and diving into the world of (modern) art, design and esthetics, but also spending time with friends at my student association W.S.V. Ceres or trying to fit in some sports in my busy schedule.

When it comes to studying, my main interest lies in the field of nutrition. I just came back from my Erasmus exchange in Beauvais (France) where I did a spring semester in nutritional sciences. During this exchange I travelled around France and learned more about the French culture and kitchen. I realized that I truly like to discover new cultures and foods and to surround myself with internationals. Therefore, I applied for the IxESN board, which I am so happy to be a part of now! At the moment I am finishing my bachelor in Nutrition and Health by starting to write my bachelor thesis on sucrose intolerance. After this, I will probably start my masters too here in Wageningen.

I hope to learn a lot during my board year because I expect it to be full of new experiences and most of all, a lot of fun! I am looking forward to making it a great and fruitful year with all of you!

Buddy Coordinator: Merlijn Uiterwijk
Holaaa cutiepies,
My name is Merlijn and I will be the Buddy Coordinator of this board. My name and function might sound familiar since I spammed you with emails this summer (sorry not sorry ;) ), so it may be nice to finally see a face with it! Some more info about me: next to the board I will do my third year of the bachelor management and consumer sciences, which I really enjoy doing! Besides my study I am an active member of K.S.V. Franciscus and I help organizing 'walk-along-days' for my study. I also tell myself I am trying to be active with sports, while I'm actually not really... haha

I'm a typical ''busy bee'' who is always up and around. You will probably see me laughing and smiling a lot since that's what I enjoy doing most in life. If you ever see me without a smile, please tell me any funfact you know about life or yourself and the smile will be back within seconds! I like talking about anything with anyone, so never feel bothered to have a casual fun chat with me!! :)

My expectations of this year are to have loads of fun moments where I can bring big smiles on people their faces. Hopefully see you soon at one of our activities!

Partnership Manager: Tryntsje van der Leij

Hello lovelies!
My name is Tryntsje and I am the partnership manager for IxESN this year. I am 22 years old, last year I finished my Bsc Food Tech and I just started with my master, Food Quality Management. I grew up in Leeuwarden, in Friesland, in the North of the Netherlands. The people there are known to be very down-to-earth and this also applies to me. In my free time I like to hang out with my friends, play board games, to go outside and try to fit in some sports. I have played field hockey for 10 years, but put it on hold for now. Last year I went on exchange myself. I was at SGGW in Warsaw for a semester and had a great Erasmus experience. This inspired me to join ESN back home as well, and look where we are now!

As the partnership manager I am busy arranging things our dearest members (you :D) can enjoy! This includes getting you the best deals and discount in Wageningen for the ESN Card, so if you have a good suggestion, don’t hesitate to tell me! Next to that I am also responsible for bigger projects like the AID and One World Week.

This year I expect to have a lot of fun, full of new people and experiences, but also some hard work. I hope that my work will pay off in great deals and experiences that contribute to the best IxESN Wageningen time for you!

See you around!

Photos by Jolanda Theeuwen

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