Meet the members of the Activity Committee!

From up left to below right: Jan, Jolien, Bibianne, Pauline, Kristina, and Katharina.

Read more about them below!

Kristina (Kiki) Meier

Hello everyone!

I'm Kiki, 22 years old from Germany, doing my Bachelor in Management and Consumer Sciences here in wonderful Wageningen. Currently, I'm in my 4th year of my study, so I can say that I already have quite some experience with living here and also the Dutch and international community.

After experiencing quite some of the Dutch culture, I thought it would be great to share my experience with other international students. That's why I first became a member myself around two years ago and now joined the committee. I think my favorite part of being a committee member is to organize activities to connect the ESNers and just let them have the best time they can have in Wageningen.

Hope to see you all soon for the activities and excursions! :)

Pauline Dransart

"Hey you!

I'm Pauline, I'm from France and here to study food technology as an exchange student. That means I have only 6 months to meet as many new people as possible, have a lot of fun, improve my English (meaning losing my wonderful French accent) and discover all the Netherlands! What's the best way to do that if it's not joining the Mega Committee? You will see me during a lot of different events organized by IxESN, such as the excursions or the Blacklight Party, and I'm really looking forward to meeting you there! No worry, you'll recognize me very easily, you just have to look for a very tall girl (even taller than the Dutch girls) who is a little bit crazy ;)

Hope to meet you soon!

Frenchly yours,


Bibianne Joosten

"Hey everybody! My name is Bibianne Joosten. I’m 19 years old and currently in my second year of the bachelor Biology. In my first year, I wasn’t that active at associations in Wageningen, and I really missed that. Therefore I decided to join IxESN this year. By also joining the MEGA committee, I hope I can help you have a great and unforgettable time in Wageningen too! You may know me from the beer cantus, which I really loved. I’m very excited for all the upcoming activities and I will definitely join as much of them as possible.

Besides the activities of IxESN, you can find me almost every Thursday at open parties. I love to meet new people and make new friends. Food, dancing and going out and hanging with friends are my biggest hobbies. Almost all the time I’m in a good mood and you are probably going to see and hear me laughing a lot.

Maybe you don’t think I’m that nice if I shot you at the beer cantus, but please don’t hesitate to come talk to me because I’m really not that mean :).

Can’t wait to meet you all!"


"Hi, I am Jan Olsman, the Dutch guy from the activity committee. I came to Wageningen for my master International Land and Water management and finished my Bachelor of Civil Engineering in Amsterdam. In my free time, I spend the most of my time with my biggest loves: my guitars ... I really like to play with other musicians and also play in a band with whom I have had some really nice performances.

If the weather is nice my favorite spot at the campus is at the pond at the forum. Furthermore, I like being outside and my talents are delaying of reading articles and passing re-exams.

When I came to Wageningen I decided that I wanted to be active and have a good time here and not only be here for the Master. This was the main reason I decided to join the activity committee. This was a good choice, it resulted in some nice parties and activities.

 So far my favorite activity as a committee member is the beer cantus, that was just a great evening! Punishing people with water guns when they don’t sing is just fun. And not only the beer cantus was nice, also the party afterward was a good one."

Jolien van Rossum

"Hi there!

My name is Jolien van Rossum. I’m 21 years old and currently doing the master Epidemiology and Public health. After graduating high school I decided to follow an English language course in New York. This was such an amazing experience that ever since I have been wanting to experience different cultures and travel more.

This was one of the reasons that about a year and a half ago I signed up to become a mommy of a group of master students during the AID. Afterwards, we continued with the same group as an IxESN buddy family. One of the great things we did as a buddy family is joining the ESN trip to Prague with more than 700 international students. I had such a great time being a mommy, surrounded by internationals and joining the IxESN activities that I decided to also join the activity committee of IxESN.

What I like most about IxESN is the atmosphere, where everybody is welcome and everybody just has a lot of fun together during all the great activities and excursions. I’m excited to be part of the activity committee this year and hopefully, I will see you soon during one of our activities!"

Katharina Nitsche

"After living, studying and already working in Hamburg, a change of heart brought me to Wageningen. A decision I don't regret because it gives me the possibility to exchange ideas with interesting characters every day. I strive for lifelong learning which made me travel 1/3 of the planet and is about to be continued.

Through IxESN I like to motivate fellow students to do the same and give them the chance to make use of my knowledge, humor and social skills."