"Olá! I am Mariana Silva, currently doing an internship in Plant Research International, part of Wageningen university & research. Being an ESNer already for 2 years, I decided that I could keep helping international students in this new city by joining the local section here in Wageningen. Besides, it looked like a great opportunity to adapted easily to the city and the Dutch lifestyle in general and also to know more people, since as a worker, that can be even harder.

So far I am helping in the Activities committee, the one responsible for trips, parties and other related events. As committee member, my favourite activity here is definitely Beer Cantus: singing, drinking and spending a great time with friends, nothing else needed to say right?

If you ever asked yourself why you should become and ESNer, I could easily spend a whole hour given you reasons why: how good it is to know so many cultures and languages, or travel to (inter)national meetings, or even how great it is to have friends all over the world to visit… but in the end it all sums up in believing you can make a difference for other people, giving them the best experience possible as one day, you would like to have too. That’s what ESN is all about, students helping students."


"Helloooooo fellow internationals!

My name is Matteo and you may have seen me at one of the amazing activities IxESN organized for you! For those who didn’t have the opportunity to talk with me yet: I’m from Bologna, a city in the north-east of Italy famous for the spectacular food. Lasagne… Tortellini… Bolognese sauce (we call it Ragù) … Yes, those! Holy shit, they’re good! I lived there all my life until the end of my bachelor in biotechnology when, about one year ago, I decided to move abroad to start my Master, again in biotechnology, here in the Swags.

After my first 6 months here, I felt like something was missing. I have always organized events and school parties since high school and here… well, I had to do something. As a first step, I became a summer AID mentor. THAT WAS CRAZY! Freaking insane! I had a blast with the kids, the other mentors and all the parties organized during that week.

But the most interesting part, though, was that thanks to the summer AID, I met and got to know a super friendly board all made of girls. Yes, you guessed correctly, they were the IxESN board members. Then, everything was easy: they were looking for help during their board year, I wanted to participate and… Puff, I was in the Activity Committee!

This is the reason why you see me there most of the times. As part of the Activity Committee, my role is to help Michelle and the other girls with ideas, organizing stuff, preparing other things for the activities up and so on. And, last but not least, to participate in them and have a good time!

I don’t know if I actually have a favorite activity. Weekly drinks, International kitchens, pub quizzes, parties. Every time I join an activity, I’ve always had a good time with our amazing board, my adopted family, with my kids from the AIDs and also with all the funny human beings I always met there. Join us at one of those and you’ll see!

That was all from your weird crazy-crazy Italian!



"Hello there !

Im Jozsef Takacs, 22, from Hungary, currently an internship at Wageningen Plant Research. I love being in the nature, hiking& bush crafting.

I came here already familiar with ESN since I was part of ESN Debrecen for 2 years, first as a buddy later on as a coordinator, so continuing that was quite obvious for me. Im a member of the activity commite and beside that when I can spare the time I help wherever I can.

Joining ESN give me a lot of new friends, getting familiar with different people and their cultures and also helped to develop several personal skills like organizing events, presentation skills and getting familiar with many tools that google provides for us ;) My favorite activities are the karaokes and pub crawls, these are simply the most funny ones for me."


"Hi, I am Jan Olsman, the Dutch guy from the activity committee. I came to Wageningen for my master International Land and Water management and finished my Bachelor of Civil Engineering in Amsterdam. In my free time I spend the most of my time with my biggest loves: my guitars.. I really like to play with other musicians and also play in a band with who I have had some really nice performances.

If the weather is nice my favourite spot at the campus is at the pond at the forum. Furthermore, I like being outside and my talents are delaying of reading articles and passing re-exams.

When I came to Wageningen I decided that I wanted to be active and have a good time here and not only be here for the Master. This was the main reason I decided to join the activity committee. This was a good choice, it resulted in some nice parties and activities.

 So far my favourite activity as committee member is the beer cantus, that was just a great evening! Punishing people with water guns when they don’t sing is just fun. And not only the beer cantus was nice, also the party afterwards was a good one."


"Hi! My name is Daniel Román Pizarro I am 24 years old and I am currently finishing my MSc Biotechnology studies. I did my bachelor in Madrid, Spain. As a Spaniard, I really like hanging out with people making friends and partying, these and much more I have found in IxESN. Not only are my best friends here but this association has really become my second home, and IxESN my new foreign family.

I am currently part of the Activity Committee, and more directly I am part of the Excursion Committee. I have been in this committee for nearly 1 and a half years, with two boards of IxESN (2015-2016/2016-2017). I firstly joined because in my university back in Spain I didn't have time to join any student association and I wanted the experience of collaborating with other students to organize activities for other students. Also I believe here in Wageningen you should join a student or study group in order to meet a lot of new interesting people. As an Excursion committee member my role is to come up with ideas for activities during excursions as well as supporting the IxESN board in organizing and planning the trips of IxESN. Also, I help designing most of the booklets you will see in the excursions, I have myself done a few of them, it is really fun!!

Looking back throughout my experience in this committee my favourite activities are the excursion to Dusseldorf Christmas Market and the singalong we did last year.  As everyone, I was really worried when I first came to Wageningen University about going to study abroad as I had no idea of Dutch (still nothing) and it was my first time living by my own; IxESN has welcomed me inside and has given me the best university experiences in my whole life, I will never forget anyone from IxESN as they have not only become best friends but brothers and sister of mine. I am usually hanging around in most of the activities of IxESN and sometime in the office. IxESN has been really great to my experience as a foreign student in the Netherlands and you should definitely join this association. THE BEST foreign association of Wageningen University.

Hope to see you around any of the activities especially in our excursion in IxESN."