Meet the members of the Promotion Committee!

Naomi & Andrea

Read more about them below!

Naomi Ploos van Amstel

Heyy there!

I’m Naomi: 23-year old Dutch forest and nature conservation master student, nature lover, painter/drawer, and brand-new promotion committee member! Since I did a bachelor cultural anthropology, I love everything with a different culture, thus making IxESN the perfect habitat for me to thrive. It continuously makes me realize we are not isolated within the borders of our country (which is a rather lonely thought) but are all connected within one big, amazing world! As to carry out all the great things IxESN is organizing, my contribution will be to let creativity flow and make some of the banners and posters, annoy you during the events with making pictures, and do some other promotion works.

I’m really much looking forward doing all this stuff the coming year, and I’ll see you soon on one of the activities!

Andrea Fulgenzi

Ciao a tutti! Hi all!

My name is Andrea, I ‘m 22 and I come from Italy. I lived with my parents and my sister in a small town (slightly smaller than Wageningen!) right outside the city of Rome. During the last semester of my bachelor, I moved to Venice to take some classes dealing with the usual Wageningen topics, like sustainable development, circular economy, and urban development. I completed my bachelor in Rome studying Global Governance, which is another fancy name for this interdisciplinary and international programme focused basically on how globalisation and other global changes shaped the world we currently live in. Here I’m attending the MSc in Urban Environmental Management, specialising in Environmental Policy.

I like getting out of my comfort zone, and this was one of the reasons that pushed me for joining IxESN in the Promotion Committee. In Italy there aren’t a lot of student associations like the ones I found here in Wageningen! So far, this new experience has been rewarding and I am very happy to have become part of the IxESN family.
As you can imagine by my Italian origins, I have an unconditional love for food and all around it, from cooking new recipes I never tried before to having huge dinners with friends sitting around the same table. Zo gezellig! 

I hope I’ll see you in one of the activities organised by our office — I’ll be the one constantly taking pictures!