The MEGA committee exists of the following four subcommittees, which all work together:

The Activity Committee:

The Activity Committee organizes activities and parties. The committee consists of students from different countries who meet on a weekly basis. The committee members meet up to chat about all kinds of activities and projects and how to make them work. These students will always try to make your stay here as pleasant as possible. Every period they organize at least two activities.
All suggestions are welcome. 

The Excursion Committe:

This committee helps the IxESN board by giving a hand in organizing excursions. Every period there are two excursions, one within the Netherlands and one abroad. The committee members meet every week to talk about all kind of possible destinations and think about how to organize a nice excursion. All suggestions are welcome. 

The Photo Committee:

The Photo Committee takes pictures at our events. We have a really nice camera and a lot of fun moments that we want to capture. So if you like making pictures this might be something for you. This comittee does not take a lot of time, you only need to be present at activities.  

The SocialErasmus Committee:

This commitee offers opportunities for international students to get closer to the local community. They can engage in organizing volunteering activities which aid individual community members or the local community in general.

If you are interested in joining the committee, please email