Every week IxESN Wageningen organizes several activities, from parties to international kitchend and from sports events to workshops. Next to that we also organize two excursions per period to various places, not only in the Netherlands, but also abroad.

We also offer membership, where you can get the ESNcard!  You can become a member of IxESN at any time. The only thing you need to do for it, is to fill out the membership form pass by the office to get your brand new membership card. 

The ESN card is valid for one year and costs €7.50 (until 04/07/2018). In return for this you get:

  • Discounts at almost all of our activities;
  • Local discounts in Wageningen;
  • Discounts at shops and cafés, hostels and flights throughout whole Europe;
  • Priority at our excursions;
  • Receiving a weekly newsletter, which keeps you updated about all our events.