Hello everyone! Just a couple more days before we embark to one of the craziest parties in Germany: Oktoberfest!!!!

Here are some things you need to take into account before departure:

  • Please be at the IxESN office by 18:40h so we can leave on time!!!
  • The expected arrival time in München is around 05.00h Saturday 24th of September
  • Bring a legal passport, borders are being checked regularly!
  • It could be useful to bring your IxESN membership card, student card with you too
  • Bring some snacks and drinks for on the bus. However, a light breakfast will be provided upon arrival and some light snacks on the way back too. As long as you keep it clean it is all good. If you have to puke on the way back because of drinking too much you can be fined € 50!
  • We will go straight to the festival so make sure you can easily access your things if you want to change during/after the busride.
  • You can leave your bags at the bus while we're at the festival.
  • It is not allowed to bring bags larger than 2Litre in the tents at Oktoberfest, so make sure you don't bring too much stuff to the festival. The security guards will check the bags so pack a light back if you must
  • You are not allowed to take an umbrella with you (not even the small ones).
  • No glass bottles are allowed in the beer tents (on the safe side, do not bring your Doppers in risk of confiscation, only disposable plastic bottles!)
  • The bus will pick us up at 20:40 in Munich at the ZOB right next to the Hackerbrucke (same place as the drop off). The estimated arrival in Wageningen is 07.00h Sunday 25th of September.

Meeting Point: It is a giant busstation only a few minutes away from the festival. Make sure you save this address: Hackerbrücke, 80335 München, Germany, because we all know from experience that some people find it hard to find while intoxicated ;). Also, save this emergency IxESN contact number: +31 616 068 567 on your phone. The number is there if you should need to contact us urgently during the excursion or if you are late for the bus. Please note that we will not wait for latecomers! It is highly important that you also inform us if you decide NOT to return to Wageningen with us.

See you sooon!!!!